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hehehe i see a set photo is based on a meme that made some runs about the internet. :P i can hear the phonk still

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mostly unrelated to the game but yesterday i was checking this game out and after i clicked run game, i experienced the most horrid lag spike imaginable, and i had to use task manager to close my browser. but ive opened it just now and it runs perfectly fine. im wondering if anyone else has experienced anything like this? (on anything, not just this game)

i have been petting the cat for an hour

can you add sound and moan in the next update?.


i played when there was one room #bringbackgrayman


For some reason i cant give the girls a gift?

Very good game bro

How to get to park? sorry I couldn't figure out how to get out of the house...:(


click the map

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This game is simple but bussin as hell and animation is very smooth, loving it so far.

Although i do have a couple of suggestions, such as :

- The ability to change girlfriend outfit (or even her entire look like hair model and etc.)

- Maybe add something like a mini game to make money so player's can do things like buying girlfriend outfit and furniture as such (maybe even sex toy 🙃)

I understand that making game isn't easy, i do not wish nor is desperate for devs to actually ADD those suggestions above, nonetheless the game is great, KEEP IT UP 😁


Yep that is what the future of this game gonna be look like. Right now I'm still writing the code for the game while slowly adding content. Tough to be a solo dev but hey I enjoy making this game. 

Hi there seems to be a problem with the android  apk, it seems to not able to download it properly, is there a way around it to make it work?


very good! your game is amazing, keep it up, and bringing new updates.

Hello, I wanted to report a bug that is happening on his cell phone, it's a j2, the game screen is all buggy

Thanks for reporting! new update is tomorrow so I will try to fix this issue together with the update.

If i remember correctly, you used to make a similar game like this right?

Davvero nn male contando che è in progettazione

Dude, the game is working fine in the mobile version. This game looks really promising, I hope you continue. Animations are very good, especially with X-ray. Anyway, success with that, man

nice game 


the button is kind of hard to click but not so bad game

Very nice start!

what button should I press

Click the hearts.